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Spring Cleaning

Newsletter – April 2021

Newsletter – April 2021

This month we are celebrating the change of seasons and using this as an opportunity to organize and simplify with a good Spring cleaning. Admittedly, this past year has been difficult with our CCHCs not being able to physically be in your facilities to assist you with the basic upkeep of health-related items. We thought that there was no better time than the present to work together with the goal of organization in mind. We hope you find this newsletter helpful.

As always, we appreciate working with you and wish you and your communities wellness, happiness, and fresh, new beginnings!

Yours in health,

Molly Orlando, RN
Co-owner/Child Care Health Consultant


Spring Cleaning Checklist

We have created a checklist to help with Spring cleaning at the center. You and your CCHC can go over this checklist at an upcoming consultation:

  • Update and clean our your health notebook
  • Inventory medications
  • Playground maintenance and clean up
  • Check First Aid Kits
  • Check staff CPR/First Aid Certificate expirations
  • Check Standard Precautions Certificate expirations


Updating your Health Notebook

Now is a good time to review and update your health notebooks! This will assist during your monthly consultations to be sure your documentation and forms are current and complete. The health notebooks are a helpful tool to organize and provide the required health information you will need for a licensing visit.

Check that the following are included in each tab of your health notebook:

  1. CCHC Consultations: Be sure all of your Monthly or quarterly consultation reports and/or communication logs are up to date.
  2. Delegations: Be sure delegation skills checklists are current. Remove and file delegations of staff who no longer work at the center.
  3. Care Plans & Medications: Be sure care plans and medication authorizations are current. Remove any expired or inactive care plans or medication authorizations. Place them in the child’s file at the center.
  4. Forms: Be sure you have the most recent versions of the Medication Authorization Form, Asthma Health Care Plan, Severe Allergy Health Care Plan, Medication logs, and Medication Incident Report.
  5. CCHC Credentials: Be sure you have the following documents updated: Nurse Biography, Current Colorado Nurse License, CCHC 101 Certificate, and Immunization Course Certificate. Let your CCHC know if you are missing any of these.
  6. Exposure Control Plan: Be sure you have an updated Exposure Control Plan for your center. This is to be updated annually with any changes to your center’s procedure for staff to follow in the event they are exposed to blood or bodily fluids.The plan needs to be reviewed by the Director with staff after completing the annual Standard Precautions training on PDIS.

Feel Free to Download Any of the following documents if you are needing them:


Inventory Your Medications

It is important to have a process in place to regularly check the medications being stored at your center. Your CCHC can help you create one and discuss proper storage of medications. The following is a document detailing proper storage of emergency and routine medications:



Check Your First Aid Kits

Now is a good time to look at your first aid kits to make sure they are well-stocked. Here is a list of recommended items to help you prepare for any first aid emergencies:



Playground Safety and Maintenance

Now that things are finally starting to thaw and the harsh winds have subsided, it is a good time to inspect the playground area. Be sure equipment is not broken, fencing is secure, trash or fallen limbs are cleaned up.The following course offered on PDIS will give you the knowledge and tools to identify hazards and actively manage and maintain playgrounds in order to keep children safe. You can receive 1.5 level 2 clock hours for completing this training.







New! CDPHE Updates

Updates have been made to the Asthma care plan and Health Appraisal. There is no need to have current Asthma care plans or health appraisals redone. Previous versions will be accepted that have already been collected at the center. Start to transition to these new versions as you enroll new children or when a health appraisal or care plan is due to be updated.

The following are updated versions to download for your files:


The Office of Early Childhood and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment have clarified guidelines for visitors in Colorado child care facilities during COVID-19:



Parents Corner

Playground safety:
Now that Spring is here, everyone is excited to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. As you head to the parks and playgrounds it’s important to keep in mind children at this early age are becoming more independent with activities which means accidents can occur. The following is a flyer from CDC that highlights how important your role is in keeping your child safe on the playground.