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Newsletter – May 2022

Here we go! Summer is just a few short weeks away – can you believe it? Warm weather and sunshine seem like the prize for enduring a long, cold winter. My hope is that you can all ease into Summer and just relax and enjoy!

In this newsletter, we have information for you including the new system for referring to Early Intervention and managing screen time with children. If there is any information you would like us to research in upcoming newsletters, just drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you.

As always, it is a pleasure to work with all of you. May this Summer be joyful for you, your staff, and your families!

Yours in health,





What We are Seeing


Not only do we still see positive COVID-19 cases but we are also seeing symptoms of other childhood illnesses that may require your child to remain at home. At this time, the center will be following the How Sick is too Sick guidance from the State along with their own center illness policies when any symptoms are noted. Please continue daily health checks, proper handwashing, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting techniques to help decrease the spread of illness. The following letter can be used to share with parents the steps you are taking to keep everyone healthy.




Early Intervention Referrals

Beginning on May 1 all referrals and evaluations for children under the age of 3 with developmental concerns or disabilities will be coordinated through Early Intervention Colorado. That means the Administrative Unit Child Find teams (Colorado Department of Education/local school districts) will no longer accept referrals for children under age 3 beginning May 1. This change is being made to ensure equitable access to developmental support for children across Colorado and to make Early Intervention services easier for families and providers to navigate. 

Making a referral to Early Intervention is easier than ever. Depending on the provider’s preference, referrals can be made online, by phone or by fax:  

Call 833-733-3734 (833-REFER-EI)

Please see the following fact sheet for information about the new referral process and options to make a referral online, by phone or by fax:




Screen Time Rules
Early Child Care and School Age Programs

Summer can often lead to more screen time for children. We wanted to highlight the current regulations for this to be on your radar. The following are the Colorado Rules and Regulation expectations for screen time at your center or school:

Child Care

7.702.65 Activities

B. Screen Time and Media Use:

  1. Screen time, which includes television, recorded media, computer, tablet, cell phones, video games, and other media devices, is prohibited for children less than two (2) years of age.
  2. Screen time is prohibited during snack or meal times.
  3. All media that children are exposed to must not contain explicit language or topics.
  4. For children two (2) to five (5) years of age, screen time must be limited to no more than thirty (30) minutes per day.
  5. For children two (2) years of age and older, screen time may only exceed sixty (60) minutes for a special occasion and must not occur more than once every two (2) weeks.
  6. All children must be provided with a developmentally appropriate alternative activity once the child(ren) loses interest in the media activity.
  7. There is no time restriction for children using personal adaptive equipment or assistive technology or participating in mandatory school activities.
School Age

7.712.63 Screen Time and Media Use 

A. All media that children are exposed to must not contain explicit language or topics.
B. All television, recorded media, computer, tablet, cell phones, video games and other media devices are prohibited during snack or meal times except during a planned special occasion. C.The center must develop a media and internet usage plan outlining screen time and media use related to their curriculum. The media plan must have information on ongoing communication with children about safe online practices. The center must obtain a signed document stating that the parents/guardians have received this plan, and agree to the activities described in the plan.
D. There is no time restriction for children using personal adaptive equipment or assistive technology.




What’s black and white and red all over?
A zebra with a sunburn.
Managing Screen Time at Home
Children today have a world of information at their fingertips making managing screen time a necessary but oftentimes unknown parenting skill. Zero to Three is a great resource of information for parents wanting to know more about how to navigate technology for their children age three and younger. Here is a link to the website:
The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has also provided screen time recommendations for older children. You can find that information here: