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Newsletter – May 2021

May is a busy time of year as we move into the summer months. Some of you are wrapping up your school year while others are just now gearing up for summer camp. Whichever it may be, we are here to help you with the transition into these warmer months. The blossom of spring signals the time to plant fresh, nutritious foods and to get outside, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the bounty the sun provides.

In anticipation of what is to come, we wanted to share with you resources that you may find useful, such as how to start a center garden and other helpful nutrition resources that support your goals in providing healthy and wholesome options for the children in your care.

We are also including a new section of the newsletter that highlights pertinent health-related issues that we nurses are seeing in our communities. Continued communication with your nurse is very valuable as it keeps us abreast of new illnesses and health concerns observed in Early Childhood Education. So, never hesitate to contact us to let us know what’s happening!

As always, it is a pleasure to work with you. If there is a topic you would like us to address in an upcoming newsletter, just let us know!  We are here for you and are honored to be able to advocate on your behalf.

Yours in health,

Molly Orlando, RN
Co-owner/Child Care Health Consultant

What we Are Seeing

Norovirus – There have been reports of an increase in Norovirus along the Front Range affecting many child care centers. Norovirus is highly contagious and is a leading cause of diarrhea in the United States. If your center is experiencing this, we have attached a health alert to share with families to help decrease the spread.

Covid-19 – There has been an increase in cases among children along the Front Range. Children are testing positive after showing what seems like allergy symptoms. We recommend following the updated Return to Learn guidance to help decrease the spread of Covid-19 in your centers.

Summer Camps

What a nice welcome to see Summer camps ramping up this year! May can be a busy month preparing and training staff for the start of your Summer program. If you haven’t already, please reach out to your CCHC to help you in the planning process.

RISE Pediatric Therapy Services

We have connected with RISE Pediatric Therapy Services (RPTS) to help better serve your children and families. They are a pediatric home care agency that provides Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Language Therapy to children from birth to age 18 in home and community settings (e.g. daycare, school, parks, etc). Rise Pediatric Therapy partners with many other companies and agencies along the Front Range. If the child needs services they do not provide (e.g. ABA therapy, music therapy, mental health, etc) or they cannot staff, then they will help connect families to nearby resources. Below is a flyer with more information and their website:


This month we wanted to share nutritional resources to help answer the question many of your parents may have, “When can a child begin solid foods?” The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children be introduced to foods other than breast milk or infant formula when they are about 6 months old. Keep in mind, each child’s readiness depends on their own rate of development. Children will typically show signs when they are ready.

The following websites have helpful information to prepare a baby’s transition to solid foods:




CDPHE Update

Now is a good time to start preparing and planting a center garden for children to participate in the process of growing food from seed to harvest. Gardens create positive learning environments, increase children’s willingness to try new fruits and vegetables, and serves as a valuable tool for engaging children in a number of academic subjects. In addition, having a center garden can also earn points towards the Colorado Shines rating under the Child Health Section. The following link offers resources to help get you started:


Mealtime is a great way for families to connect and teach healthy eating habits. The following link gives great ideas you can share with parents about healthy eating: