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Child Health Connection provides Child Care Health Consulting (also known as Nurse Consulting) services to all Child Care organizations.

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Reference Documents

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Medication Administration Training

Allergy Health Care Plan

Colorado Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan and Medication Orders

Asthma Health Care Plan

Colorado School Asthma Care Plan

Receiving Medications Checklist

Checklist for Accepting Medications

Parent & Physician Permission

Permission for Medication Administration at School and Child Care

Medication Incident Report

Incident Report Medication Administration

Medication Administration Log

Two Week Log

Medication Disposal Form

Disposal of Medications

Controlled Medications Administration Record

Record of Medication Given at School/Child Care

Controlled Medications Count Log

Log – Daily - Controlled Medications Administered

Self Carry Contract

Asthma Self Carry Contract

Student Guide for Medication Administration

Medication Administration Training (MAT) Student Guide

CPR/AED & Basic First Aid Training

Emergency Plan Logs & Drills

Contacts, Numbers, Evacuation Locations, Parent Notification, Portable Go-Kit Checklist, Relocation Shelter Agreement, Transportation Plan, Fire Drill Log, Tornado Drill Log, and Appeal Form.

CPR/AED Student Handbook

Student Handbook for CPR and AED Training

Basic First Aid Handbook

Student Handbook for Basic First Aid Training

Pediatric CPR/First Aid Handbook English

PediatricPlus CPR, AED, and First Aid for Children, Infants, and Adults

Manual de RCP / Primeros Auxilios Pediátrico Español

PediatricPlus RCP, DEA y primeros auxilios para niños, bebés y adultos

Standard Precautions Training


Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Incidents

Illness Surveillance Form

Colorado Illness Surveillance Form

Diapering Procedure

Diapering Procedure - Steps to Prevent the Spread of Illness

Procedimiento Para Cambiar Pañales

Procedimiento Para Cambiar Pañales - Pasos Para Prevenir la Propagación de Enfermedades

Exposure Incident Reporting Form

Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communications

Full Exposure Control Plan

How to Protect Yourself from Bloodborne Pathogens and What to Do if You Are Exposed

Summary Exposure Control Plan

Summary Plan for How to Protect Yourself from Bloodborne Pathogens and What to Do if You Are Exposed

Child Care Provider Illness Guidelines

These guidelines refer to child care providers who come into direct contact with children.

Illness Policy

Illness Policy - How Sick is Too Sick? When to Keep Your Child at Home from School or Child Care

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Children's Hospital Colorado School Health Program - Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Adult Handwashing Procedures

Wash Your Hands. Stop the Spread of Germs!

Procedimientos de Lavado de Manos Para Adultos

Lávese las manos. ¡Detener la propagación de gérmenes!

Child Handwashing Procedures

Wash Your Hands. Stop the Spread of Germs!

Immunization Information

Immunization Certificate

The Infant Immunization Program and Immunization of Students Attending School

Immunization Manual

Child Care/Preschool Immunization Course - Guidance for Child Care and Preschool Providers in Colorado

Notice of Immunization Requirement & In-Process Form

Notice of Immunization Requirement & In-Process Form - Immunizations Needed for School or Child Care

Non-Medical Exemption Form

Immunization Non-Medical Exemption Form