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Child Health Connection provides Child Care Health Consulting (also known as Nurse Consulting) services to all Child Care organizations.

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There is no doubt that Colorado has been hit hard by the increase in illnesses, not to mention the heartbreak from the devastating fires. We have been made aware that there are many families within our ECE community who have been affected. Our thoughts go out to those of you who have been impacted. Coloradoans are strong and will survive, as we always do. If there is anything we at

May is a busy time of year as we move into the summer months. Some of you are wrapping up your school year while others are just now gearing up for summer camp. Whichever it may be, we are here to help you with the transition into these warmer months. The blossom of spring signals the time to plant fresh, nutritious foods and to get outside, breathe the fresh air

Many of you have already been preparing and collecting your enrolled children's immunization records and exemptions for the January 15, 2021 deadline of the School and Child Care Immunization Report. For this newsletter, our intention is to help get you started with this process and provide you with links and resources. Your Child Care Health Consultant (CCHC) will review this guidance with you in the upcoming months but please don't hesitate to reach out to us if

Newsletter – April 2021 This month we are celebrating the change of seasons and using this as an opportunity to organize and simplify with a good Spring cleaning. Admittedly, this past year has been difficult with our CCHCs not being able to physically be in your facilities to assist you with the basic upkeep of health-related items. We thought that there was no better time than the present to work together

Spring is around the corner! The longer days and warmer weather brings a little reprieve from the drudgery of the winter months. Longer days seem to shed light on things we may have put on the backburner this past season. For instance, maybe you’ve been thinking about reaching out to a parent with concerns about their child not meeting milestones. Or, maybe a child is struggling with transitions and seems overwhelmed by loud

We know this is a busy time for child care programs as you gear up for Fall enrollments and the start of a new school year. Our hope is that your families are making the decision to return to child care and school knowing everything you have done thus far has shown to be safe and effective for the children in your care. Despite recent reports saying children actually transmit

This may be one of the most memorable “Back to School” seasons we will ever know. Many schools and child care centers are making important decisions as to how this Fall will look in order to continue to provide educational opportunities and quality care. During our phone and in person consultations, we have heard and seen the frustrations both financially and emotionally you are experiencing trying to meet the demands

We at Child Health Connection know how hard you work and want to thank you for all you are doing to provide a safe environment for the children in your community. You deserve recognition for the impact the early childhood education industry brings to our way of living, the economy, and society as a whole. Without you, our children would not have important opportunities for education, socialization, and growth development.

Regular Class Group Sizes for Child Care Centers We were glad to see the response from Governor Polis regarding class size limits being increased to their full licensed capacity! On May 5th, Child Health Connection sent the below letter to the Governor requesting for classroom sizes to be increased. We are grateful that our voice has been heard. We will continue to fight for you, our partners, and the child care