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Author: John Bujaci

Here we go! Summer is just a few short weeks away - can you believe it? Warm weather and sunshine seem like the prize for enduring a long, cold winter. My hope is that you can all ease into Summer and just relax and enjoy! In this newsletter, we have information for you including the new system for referring to Early Intervention and managing screen time with children. If there is

We know this is a busy time for child care programs as you gear up for Fall enrollments and the start of a new school year. Our hope is that your families are making the decision to return to child care and school knowing everything you have done thus far has shown to be safe and effective for the children in your care. Despite recent reports saying children actually transmit

This may be one of the most memorable “Back to School” seasons we will ever know. Many schools and child care centers are making important decisions as to how this Fall will look in order to continue to provide educational opportunities and quality care. During our phone and in person consultations, we have heard and seen the frustrations both financially and emotionally you are experiencing trying to meet the demands

We at Child Health Connection know how hard you work and want to thank you for all you are doing to provide a safe environment for the children in your community. You deserve recognition for the impact the early childhood education industry brings to our way of living, the economy, and society as a whole. Without you, our children would not have important opportunities for education, socialization, and growth development.

Regular Class Group Sizes for Child Care Centers We were glad to see the response from Governor Polis regarding class size limits being increased to their full licensed capacity! On May 5th, Child Health Connection sent the below letter to the Governor requesting for classroom sizes to be increased. We are grateful that our voice has been heard. We will continue to fight for you, our partners, and the child care

At the risk of sounding too hopeful, it seems Colorado is moving toward opening up and getting back to some semblance of normalcy. Therefore, we want to share contacts and resources that may help guide your plan for reopening or, for those who are already open, support the processes you have in place. CCHC Monthly Consultation Our Child Care Health Consultants (CCHCs) will continue video or phone consultation in May, however, face-to-face

Recommendations and guidance are constantly changing and we are doing our best to provide the most current information. Please read the following newsletter for the most recent updates as there have been many changes. What Child Health Connection can do for you: If you remain open, we will continue providing consultation services (within our restrictions - such as phone consultations and teleconsulting) to meet licensing requirements. Please contact your nurse consultant

Since the news came out last night that many of our school districts were closing, questions have come up regarding Colorado child care and preschool programs. The state has provided some guidance, however, no true definitive actions have been put in place, leaving many of you wondering, “What am I supposed to do?” Here are some key points we want to share with you as we navigate these uncharted waters: